Whole Home Solutions

Protect your entire home and water supply with Betta Water Filtration.

A whole home filtration system gives you not only great tasting water, but a safer supply for showering, gardening, pets and cleaning. They also reduce staining on appliances and cars. 

Whole Home Filtration

Whole-home solutions deliver high-quality water to all the outlets in your home, including those used for bathing and washing, and are essential to preventing corrosion and buildup in the pipes themselves. 

A great option for sensitive skin, whole-home filtration solutions remove the need for specific shower filters and mean you can drink safely from any tap in the house. This is especially useful for all those people who suffer from chemical and chlorine irritation. 

Pets, garden vegetables and houseplants can all benefit from cleaner, healthier water as much as people. Using cleaner water to wash your car will also result in less water spots and less damage to the finish.

Whole Home Filtration Systems are fitted at the point where your water supply enters your home. This means no matter what kind of supply you have – tank or town – your whole home is protected.

Whole-home solutions are suitable for all homes, and especially newly-built homes. Betta Water Filtration offers a range of solutions, suitable to your budget and water supply. 

Our Solutions Include

Single Whole House Filtration Unit

Betta Water at your bach, outdoor office or granny-flat. 

This is a simple, single-stage, cost-effective water filtration system for small-scale water supplies. 

Twin Jumbo Whole House Filtration Unit

Featuring Jumbo cartridge housings, Betta Water Filtration’s Double Whole Home systems are a step above the Single systems in terms of filtration. The two-stage system allows for improved reduction of contaminants and the use of specialised cartridges for each stage. 

Like most of our Betta Water solutions, we can help you choose from our range of cartridges to suit your budget and water supply condition.

Triple Whole House Filtration Unit

This three-stage, whole-home filtration unit has a flow rate of more than 40 L per minute and features a wider Jumbo cartridge specification.

The use of three in-line filters offers the greatest protection from dirty old town pipes or sediment-laden bore and tank supplies. Each stage can use a different type of cartridge to target different aspects of contamination, and allows hardier first-stage cartridges to protect more-sensitive final stage cartridges. The larger size and flow rate also means less cartridge replacement per litre. 

Betta Water Filtration recommends these as most appropriate for family homes.


Looking for a quote?

For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Looking for a quote?

For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Rural Solutions

People in rural areas often collect water off their roofs. Leaves, bugs, dust, farm sprays, and bird or possum droppings can all get collected in rainwater storage tanks. The roof itself can break down over time too – with lead (Pb) flashing and nail covers being common on older roofs. Organic matter in your tank can lead to Giardia, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter, Salmonella, faecal coliforms, parasites, and a range of other pathogens.

These units are fitted at the entry point to your home. Whole-home filtration systems are essential to making your rural water supply drinkable and safe for your family.

Betta Water filtration offer a variety of options suitable to your budget and needs. Get in touch today to discuss. 

Our Rural Solutions Include

Whole Home UV Systems

Betta Water Filtration offers advanced and effective UV Water Treatment solutions  

Ultra-Violet (UV) light is highly effective at killing micro-organisms. It does this by destroying the DNA of anything living in the water it treats, without changing the chemistry of the water itself. You can actually disinfect things by carefully exposing them to strong sunlight for exactly the same reason.

The top silver tube you see pictured here (left) is the specialised UV water-treatment unit. Betta Water Filtration’s UV Systems combine seamlessly with our Whole Home Filtration Units – Single, Double or Triple.