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We’re committed to the health and wellbeing of Kiwi families and businesses through Betta Water. Hundreds of households and workplaces all over the Bay of Plenty and beyond choose us to supply, install and service their water filtration systems. 

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Maria has a long association with Betta Water.

30 years ago, Maria’s parents bought a place in the Bay of Plenty and sensibly bought a water filter for their home. A few years later, Maria built a new house and her parents gifted her a water filter of her own. Maria took that filter unit with her as she moved from house to house over the next few years, each time reinstalling the same sturdy unit into the next kitchen. Through years of successive filter changes Maria experienced first hand just how much ‘stuff’ is in BOP water.

The business that Maria’s original filter was purchased from is the same one she operates today. A stakeholder for 30 years in the business she now owns, Maria holds Betta Water close to her heart.

Why Betta Water?

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We offer top-quality water by using only the best water filtration systems. We can arrange home, office or industrial installations and servicing at affordable prices, and at a convenient time that suits you and your circumstances.

Clean, pure water is the healthiest of drinks. It’s both common sense and serious science. Betta Water Filtration want to make clear the importance of water intake for our overall health and well being.

By installing a water filtration system at home (like a water cooler, benchtop water filtration unit, In-line under bench system or a whole-house water filtration system) you’re ensuring that you’re removing the worst of the contamination before you put that essential water in your body.



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How the body uses water

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Whether we are healthy or not, pure, clean water is one of the most valuable gifts we could ever be given. Along with clean air and nutritious food, good health is based on water. 

Water quenches thirst for all animals. As modern humans, we’ve forgotten the joy of drinking straight from a pristine stream, because we’ve contaminated almost all of them. If we neglect to drink enough water, our immune system, physical performance, and brain power can all suffer. 

Filtering means getting the best out of your water for better health and wellness. It’s that simple.

Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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