Reverse Osmosis Units

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Betta Water, built-in. Who doesn’t want clean, great-tasting water straight from the tap? Forget buying bottled water. Save the planet by filtering your own.

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Complete RO Solutions

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a modern technology that involves microscopically-small gaps that only the tiniest of particles (like water molecules) can fit through. The RO process is safe, low pressure and self-cleaning. The semi-permeable membrane blocks contaminants which are then rinsed away to the drain, and the purified water that gets through is stored in a high-quality storage tank, ready to drink. 

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Units generate water with the lowest amount of contamination possible in homes and offices. If you want the very best water filtration system, this is it.

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Our Solutions Include

under bench betta water filter

Under bench Reverse Osmosis

Betta Water Filtration’s Under Bench RO Unit features a 9 L storage tank and a typical rejection rate for contaminants of 96 – 99+%. The four-stage system includes sediment and activated carbon filters to prolong the effectiveness of the RO membrane. One RO membrane can last up to 3 years. We would be happy to arrange installation for your Bay of Plenty home or office with our partnered Master Plumber.