Water Solutions for Town & Country

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Just think of all the uses you have for water – drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning to name a few. Water nourishes your family, pets and plants. But what else are you getting from your pipes?

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Under Bench

Our discreet and effective under-bench filtration systems are hugely popular. Under-bench filters provide great-tasting drinking water from one tap.

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Portable Water Filter

Want Betta Water in an instant? Our portable water filter options are simple to install - with no plumber needed. Perfect for the bach, or take it on holiday.

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Whole-Home Solutions

A whole-home filtration system is recommended for any home owner – be it a brand new build or established home. Protect your loved ones and your home’s water infrastructure and appliances.

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Reverse Osmosis Units

The 'gold standard' of pure water at home, Reverse Osmosis Units offer the finest filtration possible today. ROUs are not as expensive as you might think.


Fluoride Removal Solutions

Our fluoride removal solutions for drinking water are crafted to address elevated fluoride levels, whether naturally occurring or added to municipal water supplies.

Commercial and Business Water Solutions

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The water quality at your business or place of work doesn’t need to be sub-par. We’re certain your staff and clients will appreciate great-tasting, clean, fresh water. Your teas and coffees will benefit too! Betta Water is an easily-justifiable business expense.

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Betta Water Filtration offer a range of discreet and functional under-bench filter systems for your building's kitchenette or sink.

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Cooler Solutions

Common in high-end buildings and public facilities, plumbed-in drinking fountains are attractive, modern and appreciated by all.

Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Why Betta Water?

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Betta Water Filtration offer any level of service – from a full install of a complete home filtration system by our associate Master Plumber, to parts and filters for your own self-service maintenance.

We can provide a range of top-quality options to suit your specific water filtration needs. Our personal connections with premium distribution networks makes our pricing highly competitive.

Betta Water Filtration offer an array of filters, and we have something for you no matter what kind of filter casing / housing you already have.

Don’t forget you are saving the earth by filtering your own water at home. Every re-usable bottle re-filled represents one less plastic bottle on Papatūānuku.

Most of all we are passionate about clean water. For clean, safe water we will go the extra mile!

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NZ Water Quality

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New Zealand is blessed with a great quantity of water compared to many parts of the world. Unfortunately, our enormous agricultural industry causes river and ground water quality to suffer. Some rivers have even been designated as ‘unswimmable.’ Most rural households are responsible for their own water quality. In towns, our Local and Regional Councils do the ‘best they can’ to make our water statistically safe. But is it enough?

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