Portable Water Filters

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Clean, safe drinking water doesn’t need to be difficult to obtain. Betta Water Filtration offers portable water filtration systems that you can take with you wherever you go. Perfect for the bach, mobile home or rented property, they’re also great gifts for students. 

Portable Water Filter Solutions

Portable water filters are a great option for a whole range of scenarios. 

Holiday homes especially can have stale water sitting around in the pipes for months between use. You can try flush out the bad taste, but in the heat of summer you should save all the water you can. Take a portable water filter with you instead. Hotels, campsites and friends’ houses often need Betta Water when you stay. Inside infrequently-used workshops or utility areas, old metal or new plastic pipes often have a ‘tang’ taste that betrays the quality of the water. 

Most importantly at home, if your landlord refuses to agree to the addition of an under-bench or whole-home unit, portable water filters are your best bet at protecting yourself and your family.

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Our Solutions Include

assorted water filters

Any & All Filter Cartridges

In any Betta Water Filtration system, the part that does the filtering is the replaceable filter cartridge. A range of styles and brands are pictured here.

Because of the special manufacturing processes required, most ‘branded’ filter cartridges are all made in the same factories – regardless of who is branding and selling them. Because we know what we are looking at, we can often source ‘no-name’ filters with exactly the same specifications, materials and quality much cheaper than ‘named’ brands.

standard water filter

Standard Bench Top

One of Betta Water Filtration’s most popular systems. Our Standard Bench Top filter has been a staple of rural communities for decades. The default cartridge provided offers 0.5µm filtration, which reduces microbial cysts by 99.95%. A large range of third party cartridges are supported by this model.

These days there are more appropriate options to supply an entire house with clean water, but the Standard Bench Top is still an efficient and reliable solution for a single water source. With the option of threaded metal diverters or high-grade universal rubber connectors, installation is a breeze. No plumber needed.

deluxe water filter

Deluxe Bench Top

The space-saving Deluxe Bench Top filter uses advanced technology to more effectively control microbes and filter out metals and chemicals. 

The two mechanisms used in the Deluxe Bench Top are electrochemical redox in Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) and Granular Activated Carbon filtration (GAC). KDF has been shown to kill algae and fungi, and significantly reduces bacterial growth. GAC removes chlorine like it was never there, along with any other unwanted tastes and odours.