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Betta Water, built-in. Who doesn’t want clean, great-tasting water straight from the tap? Forget buying bottled water. Save the planet by filtering your own.

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Under bench Filters

A permanent under bench water filter gives your family or colleagues access to clean, safe drinking water in the kitchen from a dedicated tap. 

Fully-integrated and plumbed-in to your existing water supply, under bench water filters are low maintenance and suitable for most kitchens. 

Under bench units are the most practical and out-of-the-way option for everyday use. They are a great ‘safe’ tap for kids to use in the kitchen, too.

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Our Solutions Include


Replacement Filters - All Brands

Underbench water filters are hugely popular. No matter what brand or system you might already have, they’re an eco-conscious and sustainable alternative to bottled drinking water and reduce rust, grit, and algae if present in your water.

Over time, underbench water filter cartridges get blocked up with sediment, cysts, bacteria, and contaminants such as chlorine, asbestos, sulphur, and heavy metals.

Replacing the water filter cartridge in your existing Microlene, Shield, Sapphire, Stefani, Puretec, or Aqua Filter is very easy with Betta Water. We can also provide replacement water filter cartridges for a huge number of lesser-known brands, so call us to find out more.

Protect your health and purify your drinking water with an affordable, top-quality replacement cartridge for one of the trusted brands listed below:

betta water underbench kdf filter

Under bench filtration Unit

The Betta Water Filtration Standard Under Bench Unit can be fitted with its own designer or platinum tap, or plumbed into the cold water mains as desired. Standard CBC cartridges or matrix carbon filters are most suited to these units for maximum filtration of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, taste and odour removal.

Talk to us about tap options, pressure relief valves, fittings and sump sizes. In the BOP we partner with a trusted Master Plumber for installation, but you are welcome to arrange installation yourself.

underbench kdf

Under bench KDF filter

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion technology gives our Under Bench KDF Filter system an active edge against bacteria, algae and fungi. This electrochemical filtration tech uses reduction-oxidation to control nitrates, metals, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other microbes. 

These units also utilise Granular Activated Carbon filtration, drawing more unwanted tastes, odours and chlorine from the water you drink.

With a replacement frequency of up to 2 years, the Under Bench KDF Filter system is a top-quality, affordable way to drink Betta Water at home or at your workplace.

Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) uses high pressure to force water through incredibly tiny holes, letting only solvent molecules (water) pass. RO systems are the gold standard of clean water today, offering the finest filtration possible at home. 

A key feature of RO systems is that contaminants are flushed away to waste constantly, meaning nasties don’t build up in the media like other, simpler filters.

If you want to be absolutely certain of the quality of the water in your kitchen or premise, look no further than a Reverse Osmosis system.

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reverse osimosis

Under Bench Reverse Osmosis

The Betta Water Filtration 4-stage RO unit features a 12 L storage tank and can produce more than 180 L of pristine drinking water per day.

Talk to Betta Water Filtration today to discuss our top-of-the-line Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems. 


Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Looking for a quote?

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For your free no obligation quote call Maria on 022 527 4794 or contact us now.

Water Cooling

The difference between cold water and lukewarm water can be striking. The taste, the freshness, the feel – many of us have a strong preference for cold water.

Refrigerated bottles of water need maintenance (you have to keep filling them up!) and they go stale after a while too. And there’s always that person who puts an empty bottle back in the fridge.

If cold water holds a special place in your heart, like it does for us at Betta Water Filtration, you should seriously consider an integrated under bench water cooler for your home. 

Owners of shared offices and public spaces (like reception areas) would do everyone a favour by installing an on-demand cold water fountain.

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under bench cooler

Remote Chiller Unit

The Betta Water Filtration compact water cooling unit has been designed for use with drinking fountains or water stations, and can fit neatly under a kitchen bench or sink. 

With 6 L per hour cooling capacity, you can provide endless chilled drinking water to your whole family or office.